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Interested in working on the Voices team?

The editorial board is looking for a team of peer readers to assist in the reviewing of submissions for Volume 6.

What is a peer reader?

Peer readers are volunteers, working with the editorial board to determine which papers meet publication standards, which require additional revision prior to deciding publication, and which are unsuitable for publication at this time. Peer readers are given a rubric by which they score each paper. Peer readers are also encouraged to provide a rationale for their scoring and feedback for the authors, both positive and negative.

Who can be a peer reader?

Any current Silberman School of Social Work student can apply to be a peer reader! Peer reading requires individuals to critically review written works of other students. As such, a working knowledge of APA style is suggested for all readers. If this is a concern, please state this in your application email — we are happy to work with all students to review the basics of APA style.

How does one apply?

To apply, please contact the Voices editorial board at

In the subject, please indicate that you are interested in being considered for per readership

In the body, please write, in no more than one paragraph, why you are interested in peer reading and what you believe makes you suited to peer readership.

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