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Symptoms of colon cancer if identified from an early stage, can assist in treating the illness entirely. In the essay, you’ll discover the causes colon cancer, colon cancer symptoms in men and treatment means of colorectal or colon cancer in men.

Colon cancer is the type of cancer that begins in the colon or rectum or commonly called colorectal cancer. Colon cancer usually starts as a small polyp. In the most cases, the polyp may be benign, but this number will grow like the cancer cells. You should see the first potential reasons for colon cancer before you see the outward symptoms of colon cancer.

colon cancer symptoms in men



The Causes Of The Colon Cancer

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Unfortunately, the researchers are still not certain about what the primary cause why someone could have colon cancer. The main cause of colon cancer is still uncertain, but according to researchers, there are two possibilities why colon cancer can occur. The following are two possible causes of colon cancer.

  • Precancerous growths. Abnormal cells are found in the lining of the large intestine, which will then be a polyp. Some of these polyps may be benign, but some of these polyps become cancerous cells could end up if not treated.
  • Gene mutations. This indicator may be caused by colon cancer patients usually have family members who are experiencing problems with colon cancer as well. This may be due to the genes in the pass from parents to offspring.

The precise reason for colon cancer is unknown. Nevertheless, there are many variables which may raise a person’s risk of suffering from this disorder.

Old age is the certain risk factor for colon cancer. This state is seen in men and women above 50 years old.

These days, colon cancer can also be found in people under 40 years old. Sibling or guys whose parents had colon cancer are also at a larger hazard of developing it.


Colon Cancer Symptoms In Men And Women

1. Unexplained Exhaustion

The medical problems like all kinds of cancers are usually could lead you with no apparent motive in the slightest to the un-excepted fatigue

If you have depletion with no reason whatsoever, seek the clinical treatment, or you should treat it promptly, whether you treat it by yourself.

The most popular treatment of unexplained tiredness including:

  • Practicing the customs that are healthful and remain hydrated
  • Getting the sufficient time of slumber
  • Restraining the pressure level
  • Exercise on the standard basis

In the event, the exhaustion resulting from the colon cancer, taking on the radiation and chemotherapy will be advantageous.


2. Weakness

Weakness is the illness that happens, you’re sensing the tiredness of the body. All kinds of cancers and the colon cancer could lead you respectively to the un-excepted weakness also.

If you experience sudden weakness, this could be a sign of colon cancer, you should treat it as you possibly can. Your physician diagnoses the primary reason primary reason behind the weakness associated with the colon cancer, a doctor would suggest you address this issue, as well as the chemotherapy to have the operation.


3. Stomach Pain

The stomach pain is the pain occurring across the torso and pelvis.

It’s entirely necessary that you seek the medical treatment when you possibly can so the physician could diagnose the primary reason for the stomach pain you have the stomach malady. If you’re having the stomach pain associated with the colon cancer, the therapy has to be chemotherapy and the operation because the cancer is a life-threatening disorder.


4. Constipation

The constipation is the persistent symptom occurring in individuals all over the world. Thus, the colon has obliged to consume salt and the water during the digestive system, which in turn creates fecal matters in the foods as the pacing.

You can treat it by yourself or seek the clinical treatment you have constipation. Treating constipation including:

  • You should get it done promptly for those who process the impulse feel of getting the bowel movement. Don’t attempt to delay it.
  • Drinking lots of fluids regularly
  • Do have a healthy diet and foods that contain a high amount of fiber
  • Cut down the consumption the foods that have a low fiber including milk, or other processed foods


5. Diarrhea

The colon cancer may also lead you to the precise reverse mechanism that described above to diarrhea.

The most popular treatment associated with diarrhea including:

  • You must ensure that you just drink plenty of fluids to replenish the fluids that are loose because you’re having diarrhea, you may have problems with the fluids loss.
  • Your doctor might give the prescription of the antibiotics to you.


6. Stringy Stools

Stringy feces are when you discover the stool have the shape that is uncommon. A fibrous fecal matter usually has narrower contour, either loose or robust.

The underlying cause determines the treatment associated with the fecal matter that is stringy. In the case of stringy feces due to the colon cancer, the treatment is dependent upon the stages of cancers. Early stage cancer may be worked out from the minimally invasive operation. Other methods for treatment related to this state is the chemotherapy, radiation targeted drug treatment, and therapy.


7. Rectal Bleeding

Rectal bleeding is the illness that happens whenever you realize that there’s blood in the bowl you have the bowel movement.

This may lead one to the bloody feces also. The rectal bleeding may function as the indication of the colon cancer because the polyps or tumors that develop in the lower portion of the gastrointestinal often cause the bleeding in the anus, and this part will bleed when the fecal matters passed.

You should get the clinical treatment at any time you find that there’s some blood that comes out of your anus after having the bowel movements.

You would be prescribed by the physician with over the counter medicines to ease the pain resulting from the rectal bleeding. A doctor will do surgery, the chemotherapy, and radiation therapy to take care of the colon cancer.


8. Unintentional Weight Loss

The unintentional weight loss reduction is the illness that happens, you’re experiencing the lowering of the weight with no obvious motive. You’re enduring in the unintentional weight loss you raise the physical action or not on an eating plan. This disorder is the signal for the serious medical ailments, including other forms of cancer as well as colon cancer.

You’re experiencing the unintentional weight reduction since this could be the signal of the serious health conditions you should get the medical treatment when you possibly can.

You must take the nutritional supplements, and you will be advised by your physician about the most effective means of diet that might satisfy to you personally to gain more weight. The colon cancer is the primary reason behind the unintentional weight reduction, chemotherapy, and the operation will happen.


9. Abdominal Bloating

While the illness thought to be the most common thing that may occur to anybody. But you’re experiencing in the stomach bloating alongside with stomach pain, this will be the signal that you’re having the serious medical ailments, including colon cancer.

You should get the medical treatment when you possibly can you’re suffering in the excessive stomach bloating with all other colon cancer symptoms that mentioned previously. The most Popular treatment associated with the stomach bloating is:

  • Transforming in lifestyle like don’t chew on chewing gum, restrict the consumption of the carbonated beverages, avoid eating foods that will lead one to bloat.
  • In the event you’re having stomach bloating associated with the colon cancer, a doctor would indicate you’ve got the additional treatment including surgery and chemotherapy.


10. Jaundice

Jaundice is the disorder occurring when the eyes and skin turn become yellowish in color. Because there’s an excessive amount of bilirubin within the body, this illness essentially can occur.

Bilirubin is the yellow pigment that normally formed by the dislocation of the red blood cells that are dead.

You should get the medical treatment when you possibly can you’re experiencing your skin and eyes turn become yellowish. The physician can treat the primary reason for your jaundice, not the symptoms because the primary reason for jaundice may be treated, jaundice will decrease as the time goes by and usually will seek the root reason for jaundice. So you’re having jaundice due to the colon cancer, the treatment like operation and chemotherapy is likely to be caused.


11. Anorexia

Anorexia is the illness you’re having the abrupt lack of desire of foods your favorite foods.

There isn’t any uncertainty that you’re having the colon cancer, the anorexia could happen for you. the truth is this disorder getting would be made by the cancer treatment, including chemotherapy or surgery.

So you’re facing the un-excepted lack of desire with all the symptoms that mentioned above alongside with no obvious motive, you’re likely affected by the colon cancer.

The most popular treatment associated with the anorexia is:

  • You should consume wholesome, high-calorie food, high protein foods, and eat more often.
  • A doctor would give you the drugs that help to food or will arouse the desire.


12. Anemia

Anemia is the disorder that happens whenever the amount of healthy red blood cells in the body is low, this matter could lead one of the various medical conditions also.

If you have anemia, the first thing which you need to do is requiring the supplemental of vitamin B12 and folic acids. In acute anemia, simply because they’ll be prone to give you the short of erythropoietin, You should go to the physician.


13. Depression

Depression is thought to be the mood disorder, and that is an illness that happens whenever you have the feeling of loss, rage, or extreme sadness. This can be the most popular ailment that may happen using the debilitating and continual disease like cancer to each.

Besides sharing the issue with other, you should get the medical treatment to heal yourself of this illness.

The most popular treatment associated with the depression including:

  • Having the sufficient time of sleep
  • Requiring private treatment and the meditation could decrease the symptom of depression
  • Eating the foods that are healthful that have plenty of nutritional value.


14. Change In Bowels Habits

Change in the bowels habits is the state that happens otherwise from one individual to a different man.

While this is perhaps thought to be the common condition, but when there are a lot of strange changes in bowel habits including tarry stools, bloody feces, changing shape in feces, dry stools, hard stools, or watery feces that happen often, this will be the signal that you have the colon cancer.

You’re feeling the symptom that mentioned previously, you should get the medical treatment promptly because the colon cancer is a serious disorder and life-threatening disorder. Essentially, treating the change in bowel habits is associated with the underlying cause. You’re having the change in bowel habits due to the colon cancer, a doctor will do the operation therapy or the chemotherapy.

Understanding concerning the symptoms helps in timely identification of the condition. As a result, if one identifies these symptoms, a doctor should be consulted by him promptly and get treatment. Take Care!!!

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Treatment Methods

Just like other kinds, colon cancer is treated utilizing the conventional ways of cancer treatment like chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation.

In the event, the cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, the tumor may be removed together with the aid of an operation or colonoscopy. Likewise, radiation therapy can also be utilized to remove the cancer cells that grow or stay after the operation. Both of these are a mixture of the treatments is useful in men and women for treating colon cancer. The survival rate is determined by the stage of cancer.

The Best Ways To Take Care Of Colon Cancer

So, after you understand all the outward symptoms that may happen due to the colon cancer, you should figure out the best way to treat this colon cancer, since if you left it untreated, this could lead one to the illnesses that are deadly. Here would be the most popular treatments related to this serious and lethal disorder. The kind of treatment your doctor recommends will depend mostly on the stage of your cancer. The treatment in the three recommendations is surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.


Operation For Early-Stage Colon Cancer

If your colon cancer is extremely little, Your physician may recommend a minimal method of surgery, such as:

  • Removing polyp during a colonoscopy. In case your cancer is small, localized in a higher early period as well as in a polyp, your physician might have the ability to remove it entirely within a colonoscopy.
  • Endoscopic mucosal resection. Removing polyp that is bigger may need to additionally require a bit of the lining of the colon in a process called endoscopic mucosal resection.
  • Minimally invasive surgery. Polyps that can not be removed during colonoscopy may be removed using laparoscopic surgery. In this process, your surgeon performs the surgery through several small incisions in your abdominal wall, adding devices with connected cameras that show your colon. The surgeon could also choose samples from lymph nodes in the region where the cancer is located.


Surgery For Invasive Colon Cancer

In case your colon cancer has grown into or throughout your colon, your surgeon may recommend:

  • Partial Colectomy. In the process, the surgeon removes the element of your colon, which has cancer, plus a margin of healthy tissue on both sides of cancer. Your surgeon is usually able enough to reconnect the healthy parts of your colon or rectum.
  • Surgery to make an easy method for waste to leave your body. when it is impossible to reconnect the healthy parts of your colon or rectum, you will need to have a temporary or long-term colostomy. This calls for creating an opening in the wall of your abdomen from some of the rest of the bowl for the removal of body waste right into a bag that is unique.Sometimes the colostomy is temporary, letting your colon or rectum time to recover after surgery. Sometimes, but the colostomy may be permanent.
  • Lymph node removal. Nearby lymph nodes examined for cancer and are often additionally removed during colon cancer operation.


Surgery For Advanced Cancer

This operation is not done to treat cancer, but instead to alleviate symptoms signs, such as pain and bleeding.

In exceptional instances, in case your current health is excellent and where cancer has spread and then the liver, your physician may recommend surgery to eliminate the cancerous lesion out of your liver. Chemotherapy can be utilized before or following this kind of operation. Your prognosis may enhance.



In the event, cancer has spread to the lymph nodes chemotherapy for colon cancer is given after surgery. This way, chemotherapy can reduce the chance of cancer return. Chemotherapy might be used to shrink the cancer.

In addition to radiation therapy, chemotherapy is usually used in people who have rectal cancer. This mixture is commonly employed before and following an operation.


Radiation Therapy

Radiation Therapy uses high energy sources, including X-rays, to kill cancer cells that may remain after surgery so that they can be removed readily to shrink a large tumor before an operation or to alleviate symptoms of colon cancer and rectal cancer.

Radiation therapy is seldom found in early stage colon cancer, but is a routine part of treating rectal cancer, particularly when disease traveled to nearby lymph nodes or have penetrated through the wall of the rectum.

Radiation therapy typically coupled with chemotherapy can be utilized before surgery to decrease the likelihood that the ostomy will probably be essential and also so that you can help make the procedure easier.

Additionally, it may be utilized after surgery to decrease the chance cancer may recur in the region of the rectum where it started.


Targeted Drug Therapy

Drugs that target specific defects the permit cancer cells to grow are open to people with advanced colon cancer, including:

  • Bevacizumab (Avastin)
  • Cetuximab (Erbitux)
  • Panitumumab (Vectibix)
  • Ramucirumab (Cyramza)
  • Regorafenib (Stivarga)
  • Zivaflibercept (Zaltrap)

Targeted drugs may be given together with alone or chemotherapy. Targeted drugs are usually allowed for those who have advanced colon cancer.

Many people are helped by drugs they were targeted, although some aren’t. Researchers work to discover who’s most prone to gain from drugs that are targeted. Until then, physicians carefully consider the small advantage of targeted drugs from the danger of the high-priced as well as adverse effects when choosing whether to use these treatments.


Supportive (Palliative) Care

When palliative care can be used along with all other treatments that are proper, people who have cancer may feel a lot better and live more.

Palliative care is offered by a team of physician, nurses as well as other especially skilled professionals. palliative care teams plan to increase the standard of living if you have cancer as well as their loved ones. This type of attention is offered alongside alternative or curative treatments you might be receiving.


Alternative Medicine

No other option or complementary treatments are discovered to treat colon cancer.

Alternative medicine can help you overcome the diagnosis of colon cancer. Almost all cancer patients experience some problems. Common sign and symptoms after your diagnosis may include anger, sadness, sleeplessness, insomnia, and loss of appetite. Alternative medicine can help you for a while, and give you a little relief.

Alternative treatments which will help alleviate the misery comprise:

  • Art therapy
  • Dancing or movement treatment
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Music therapy
  • Easiness exercises

Your physician can refer you to professionals who will assist you learn about and attempt this alternative treatment. Tell your doctor if you have any problems.


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