Editorial Board, Peer Review Board, Advisory Board

Managing Editors
Irina Gillett ? Meredith Marin ? Sarah Miles Smiley

Peer Review Board
Corey Bain ? Lydia Boaz ? Devin Bokaer ? Andrew Calderaro ? Malika Conner ? Renee Council ? Jennie Encalada
Mary Fernandez ? Rebekah Glushefski ? Holly Gooden ? Jennifer Hoen ? Deandra Khan ? Sam Kramer ? Johann Larkin
Sarah Lelin ? Ilona Margiotta ? Sonia Martin ? Krista Meyerhoff ? Sasha Miller ? Cory Mills-Dick ? Jared Morgenstern
Chris Panzica ? Ashley Rearick ? Monica Rogers ? Kelly Schaffer ? Samantha Schuldiner ? Chris Read ? Christina Stang
Samantha Sculnick ? Cheryl Taruc ? Rona Taylor ? Michael Vaughn

Faculty Advisory Board
Dr. Carmen Morano ? Dr. S.J. Dodd

We wish to thank our peers and the Silberman faculty for their ongoing guidance and support as we develop Voices, with a special thanks to Dean Andrea Savage, Glynn Rudich, Dr. Carmen Morano, Dr. S.J. Dodd, Chickie Piazza, Nireata Seals, Lauren Mazer, and Jacob Vincent Gutter.

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