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Home Remedies For Tooth Nerve Pain – A toothache is not very pleasant, and it can interfere with your activities. Pain in teeth varies greatly, ranging from mild pain or throbbing pain until in your teeth. It’s not very wonderful. Some of the leading causes of a toothache are the infection, root teeth exposed, cracked teeth, cavities, gum disease, discharge abnormalities, or abnormalities of the jaw joint.

A toothache is caused when pulp (central area of teeth), become inflamed or irritated skin. Pulpa represents a very sensitive nerve endings. Pulpa can be inflamed with a variety of causes. The best way is to immediately go to the dentist before problems worsen if your toothache.

For a while, you can also try some natural treatment methods to alleviate or eliminate pain.

Home Remedies For Tooth Nerve Pain

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Home Remedies For Tooth Nerve Pain

1. Salt and Pepper

Pepper mixed with salt can be delicious to help relieve your toothache because it has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and analgesics.

  1. Combine the salt, pepper and with a bit of water to form a paste.
  2. Then apply the Paste on the tooth that aches and let a few minutes.
  3. Do this for a few days until the pain completely disappeared.

2. Garlic

With garlic, you can eliminate pain in your teeth. Garlic has antibiotic and is very effective for reducing pain in your teeth.

  1. Mix garlic powder with some black salt or table salt and apply on the aching tooth to relieve pain. You can also chew one garlic to reduce pain.
  2. Do this treatment for a few days.

3. Clove

With the clove, you can also reduce the pain of teeth. Cloves have antibacterial properties, bitter taste, and antioxidants that can fight off the infection and relieve a toothache.

  1. Grind one or two cloves, then mix with olive oil to taste and apply it on the tooth that hurts.

4. Onion

The onion has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that can relieve a toothache. The use of garlic can kill germs that cause infection so you can get relief from pain.

  1. When the first sign of a toothache is starting to be felt, for relieving pain, chewing raw onion for a few minutes.
  2. Or place the raw onion directly on the tooth that hurts if you can’t chew it.

5. Asafetida

By using the asafetida, you can treat a toothache at home

  1. Mix a half teaspoon of asafetida with two teaspoons of lemon juice and warm. Then pour on cotton and put on a tooth that hurts.

6. Warm salt water

with warm salt water, you can also reduce or cure a toothache.

  1. Enter one spoon of salt into a glass of warm water and then gargle, it may help relieve pain in your teeth.

7. Leaves of the guava

Because it has properties anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, analgesic and fresh guava Leaves also can reduce pain in the tooth.

  1. Chew one or two guava leaves to relieve pain in the tooth.
  2. Or you could also include some fresh guava leaves into the water, and then heat with flames, enter a bit of salt, and then you can gargle to relieve pain in the tooth.

8. vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract can also help relieve pain in the teeth, in addition to vanilla extract also has no side effects.

  1. Dip cotton into the vanilla extract and place it on the tooth that hurts.
  2. Let stand a few minutes until the pain lost.

9. Wheatgrass Juice

With Wheatgrass, you can also eliminate the pain in the teeth, as it has antibacterial properties of Wheatgrass. Use as a gargle, after wheatgrass juice in the extract. This will reduce the growth of bacteria and also absorb toxins from the gums.




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