How Much Cholesterol In Eggs

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How Much Cholesterol In Eggs – The egg has the most nutrition among other foods. However, some people consider that the egg is something bad because the yolk has a very high cholesterol.

How Much Cholesterol In Eggs

One medium-sized egg contains approximately 186 mg cholesterol. It was only 60% of cholesterol recommended for daily intake. However, many people assume that if too many consume the egg will increase cholesterol in their blood, and at risk had a heart attack or stroke. The fact that not everything is true, the human body is able to regulate the level of cholesterol. That is, if the more cholesterol you consume, the less that your body produces.

How Much Cholesterol In Eggs

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What Is The Association Between Eggs And Cholesterol?

A lot of research about the eggs and the relation to the risk of heart disease. This study has been observed well, and then some people use several methods of statistics about daily habits associated with risk of heart disease.

That habit such as smoking, exercise, and diet. The results of such research have shown that the eggs were not more likely to increase the risk of heart disease. In fact, according to some research, consuming eggs can reduce the possibility of stroke.

Is Cholesterol Important For The Body?

Cholesterol fact also has a significant role for our bodies, although when people hear the word “cholesterol,” they began to think of heart disease. There are two types of cholesterol, read here.

Naturally, our body could set the cholesterol levels in the blood. So, consuming eggs will make you stay healthy, but don’t consume too many eggs because it could risk affected by cardiovascular disease.

Benefits Of Egg For Health

Nutrient content of one egg consists of vitamin B12, protein, vitamins A, D, E, and the mineral selenium. Egg yolk has all the micronutrients such as zinc, niacin, riboflavin, iron, and phosphorus.

Here are some important facts about eggs. Need to know, eggs not only have cholesterol but also have other nutrients.

  • high-quality animal protein Eggs that are very useful to increase muscle mass and improve bone health become better.
  • Eggs can also enhance the sense of satiety so that you don’t have to eat a lot of food
  • Eggs also contain Zeaxanthin, and the antioxidants Lutein are high. So that it can reduce the risk of eye disease.

If you are a healthy person, you need to know the amount of cholesterol in eggs and recommend to consume no more than 300 mg of cholesterol per day.


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