Peer Review Process

All articles submitted for consideration for publication will undergo a blind peer review process. All submissions will be reviewed by at least two peer readers, all of whom are unaware of the author of said submission. The number of peer readers per article will depend on both the number of submissions and number of readers available.

All submissions will be reviewed by peer readers using the same rubric. Readers will be asked to score the submission on a number of areas (e.g., APA style, clarity of argument). These scores will be used by the editorial board to determine which articles will be published in the upcoming volume of Voices.

All articles are subject to revision based on their peer reading scores. Revisions may include stylistic and structural concerns. The Voices editorial board will not reject articles based on subject matter, so long as it is in keeping with the NASW ethical code and relevant NYS/NYC legal statutes, and will not request revisions to political or social stances.

Most papers will be required to undergo revisions. Revisions are the responsibility of the original author, as this is their intellectual property. We will not alter an author’s content without said author’s written approval.

The peer review process may take a significant amount of time, depending on the number of submissions. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we strive to serve the Silberman community to the best of our abilities.


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