Table of Contents

Editorial Board, Peer Review Board, Faculty Advisory Board

Sound, Healing, and Social Work
Julia Ostrov

Understanding Pre- and Peri-Natal Trauma and its Impact on Psychological and Physiological Development
Rebecca Stone

Permanency Planning: Model Replication and Adaptation for Adolescent Parents in Foster Care
Doreen Chapman, Damon Thompson, & Madelyn Freundlich

Ecological Crisis and Tactical Self-Awareness: On Being in Social Work School During and After Hurricane Sandy
Ian G. Williams & Robert Preti

When Freedom Is Slavery: The London Riots and Consumerism
Jessica Jensen

¡°Tell Me I¡¯m Ugly¡±: A Clinical Case Analysis Identifying Borderline Personality Disorder in a Sex Worker
Johanna R. Buchignani

Voguing as an Arts-Based Intervention in Social Work
Ricardo Martinez-Rodriguez

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